Part 3 – Making room to experience life as authentically and richly as possible!

In two weeks, we move out of our three bed, one rumpus, two bath house with only what will fit into our Tiny House on Wheels (THOW).

We are moving to a friend’s property, where we will complete our build over six months.  We then plan to live on their land in our Tiny significantly reducing our rent and enabling us to save for our own land.

Over the past several weeks my husband and I have battled daily thoughts: Are we doing the right thing?  Are we crazy?  Why are we going back down to nothing?  Should we be selling or on-giving the things we worked so hard for?  Will the kids be affected by the impending move or seeing their things go? Do they feel unsettled?

A little rise in panic that is quickly met with a flush of positives, that what we are undertaking is exactly the right thing for our family.

Less Stuff

We are starting to appreciate what we need verses what society thinks we should have.  By shedding our stuff and applying minimalist philosophy, we are learning that less is more.  We can have a future that is not dictated by working to live.  Allowing for a future that has more time to spend as a family, to follow our passions, to study, to connect with humanity and; nature and to participate in life.  We won’t be rich in material items,  but we will be rich in life.

Better Connections

We are learning to communicate as friends, husband and wife, and as parents, to work together to make our dreams a reality.  Making new friendships and community ties along the way and showing it is possible by example.  Our girls will know that you’re only limited by your beliefs.

Care of Earth

We are on a path that limits our footprints and contributes to the care of the environment.  Through lots of small steps, we can make a difference.

Spiritual Connection

We are learning that if you are open to it, the universe will guide you.  It will present you with those people, friendships and opportunities that you need at this stage of your life. Opportunities and coincidences keep arising, and in all honesty, it has spooked me a little.  I’ve had to stop and think is this the direction I want to take and yes, it is.

So yes, it is scary making such a big change, but at the same time, it is invigorating and refreshing.  I am so excited to be doing this for our girls and for ourselves.  I am also grateful to the people in our life that are helping make this dream a reality.

So… now all the sentimental stuff is out of the way here’s an update on the actual build & Tiny House Community Update.

Build Update

Firstly, there’s a new group on Facebook called Tiny Australian Houses.  It is a group of Aussie Tiny House enthusiasts in various stages of building, buying or just being inspired by tiny and otherwise smaller than average houses.  There are no rules barring self-promotion or advertising your business, blog or build, so long as it’s relevant to tiny houses, sustainability, living simply, downsizing, or similar concepts.  Please join the group if you’re building a tiny or a tiny house enthusiast.

A common question, is how will we find land? We know that when you become part of this journey and put the question out there, there is quite a lot of people willing to share their land as either a services barter or in exchange for rent.  If you are looking for land, get out there and post the question and if you have land to share then post it in community group like the Tiny Australian Houses page because you could be gaining some help around your property, a new friendship or another income stream.

Structural Framing

The Framing has been on hold until we move as we didn’t want to move the truck half built.  It’s been incredibly frustrating especially when everyone keeps asking us how it is progressing.  We have made heaps of progress, but it will be exciting to get that frame up and see the structure.  Keep an eye out on The Francis Family Tiny House Facebook Group for a callout for helpers to get the frame up in a few weeks.

Window Frames

Ryan has done an amazing job and framed most of our windows.  The door is next on the agenda.  He has had a few window panels break, which I keep giving him curry over but seriously I love how talented he is.

I have ordered some 190 x 45 lengths of pine to build my 2 x 800 x 800 round window frames following this tutorial.  The second part of the video is missing in action.  It’s the part where we make the window part to fit in frame.  If you have any suggestions or skills in this area, please contact me through the group.

Building Supply Scores / Needs

We sourced some beautiful Blackbutt to frame our windows, and this has started a Blackbutt theme.  Therefore, Alan from Mobile Saw Milling is cutting some beautiful Blackbutt logs that were salvaged from a subdivision into 100 x 15 lengths to line our ceiling with.

We also found some old Velux Skylights in an ad on Gumtree and got a great deal. We are now looking for affordable external cladding and internal cladding.  I love the romance of lined walls and cottage look.


I finally got around to creating a Pinterest page which has all my inspiration pins for Tiny.  In summary, we are going for white walls, a natural wood ceiling, bamboo floors, a wooden bench, a clawfoot bath and lots of light.  It’s exciting designing my own place and putting our touches on it.  Here are some internal design pictures that are inspired our new home.

Credit: DIY House Building


Credit: Tiny Heirloom

Want to get involved?  Contact me through our group.

Thank you for being part of this community and I look forward to updating you again soon.  If you would like to read part one of our journey – Chasing Dreams click here and part 2 It’s all about Community click here.

Sal, Ryno, R & I.