The Swagman Sprayer makes spraying easy.  I live on 2/4 acre and have several large fruit trees.  I am a spray-free gardener except when I am spraying home-made remedies and liquid fertilisers on my plants.  With such a large area, I have found it frustrating and time consuming using the conventional sprayers purchased at the local garden shops and hardware stores.

I recently attended our local garden show and came across the Swagman Sprayer.  It was a little more than I usually pay, but I needed something different to what I was currently using.  So I purchased it as a show special, so it was a little cheaper than retail and set about using it.  Here is my review of the Swagman Powered 8Lt Sprayer.

Swagman Sprayer Technical Details

Let’s get the important technical details out of the way:

  • Size: 325 x 260 x 515 mm
  • Dry net weight is 3.9 kg
  • Tank capacity is 8 litres
  • It has wheels and a pull handle
  • It has three filters: Tank, pump and handpiece
  • Hose length is 150cm and has a adjustable spray nozzle
  • The battery is a 6V 4.5AH, fully enclosed and sealed and rechargeable

You can find all the technical details here.

My Swagman Spray Experience

The sprayer sat in its box for a few weeks after the garden show.  It was not until I saw that my citrus plants were experiencing an attack of sooty mould on its leaves.  Sooty mould is like a layer of black soot over the leaves and branches and is caused by sap-sucking insects like aphids, scale, whitefly and mites that secrete honeydew.  I also had an ant problem.  Ants like to eat the honeydew, and in return, they protect these insects from their predators like lady beetles and wasps.  Win/win for the insects but not for my citrus plants.

Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Homemade White Oil
Swagman Sprayers Charging
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest

To stop the problem, I needed to stop the ants.   Done, I used a sticky wrap that stops the ants for crawling up the tree.  Now to deal with the sooty mould problem.  I needed my new sprayer as I had several largish trees to spray.  I took it out of the box and put it on charge, and while I waited, I made a home mix of oil and detergent, effectively making a white oil.   I emptied some into the sprayer and filled it with water and started to spray.

I turned it on and pressed the spray nozzle and the liquid shot out with amazing pressure.  This pressure turned out to be one of the most valuable aspects of this sprayer.  I was able to reach to the top of the trees while standing below them.  With this great pressure, I was able to turn the spray nozzle upside down and spray the underneath of the leaves.  I was able to get complete coverage on all the leaves.

Another great feature was the easy control of the spray nozzle.  I could easily adjust it for a strong stream to a gentle mist.  This was handy when I had difficult to reach areas and needed the strong stream to reach the leaves.

Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest
Swagman Sprayers on Spare Harvest

Having an 8-litre tank let me spray continuously without stopping to refill the tank.  The battery worked until I emptied the tank.  Every leaf on every tree was soaked in my home-made white oil.  A full 8-litre tank is quite heavy but I could carry it with the handle and having the wheels made moving around so much easier.  It felt sturdy while moving the sprayer around.

What could have been a time-consuming and painful job, the Swagman sprayer certainly made it easier.  I certainly won’t be going back to my old sprayer.  For small and slightly larger areas the 8-litre size is perfect.  For farmers or anyone with larger areas, the Swagman have larger options available.

The swagman sprayer is Australian designed and made and offer a selection of replacement parts and optional extras.

If you would like to know more and connect with the supplier of the Swagman Sprayer here are their details:




Phone (02) 4970 5842

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