Our Story

The beginning ….

Our story starts with our founder Helen Andrew.  When she moved to the Sunshine Coast with her family in 2013 she moved to a property with several established fruit trees.  As time passed, the trees started to flower and soon began to produce fruit, much more fruit than what Helen needed.  She tried to give it away but many people in her new network also had abundant fruit trees and did not want her excess.

Helen finished the season burying hundreds of fruit into the ground.  It was not until Helen had this experience again the following year, that she was motivated to create a way to connect with people outside her network so she could share her excess fruit.

With a simple mission to share her fruit, Helen created Spare Harvest and started to tell her community about it.  It did not take long for her community to give her feedback and Spare Harvest started to grow beyond fruit grown in the backyard.


Today ….

Spare Harvest has grown so that anyone anywhere can join the Spare Harvest community to share anything from their kitchens and gardens.  Members are sharing homegrown produce, herbs, plants, seeds, food scraps, coffee grounds, glass jars, leftover from the pantry/fridge, time and land.  Each day we are surprised by what our members are exchanging on the Spare Harvest marketplace.  That saying that your trash is someone else’s treasure is so true – we a living proof.

How ….

Our marketplace is FREE for anyone to join and use to start their own sharing movement in their community.  All you need is an email address and password, and you are set to go.  If you have something spare, simply create a listing with a description and image, and it will be saved into the marketplace.  If you don’t have anything spare, search the listings by location, listing type or keywords to see what your community has spare that you could use.

Share, swap or sell, the choice is yours.  We ask that you try and move it on before it becomes waste.  Don’t let unwanted pantry items expiry, share then so someone else can use them.  If you find something in the marketplace, simply send an enquiry and start a conversation with the listing member.  In your online conversation, you will finalise the exchange and location.  Then you simply meet and exchange the resource.


Our Purpose …

Our impact is the positive contribution you are making to your community (people) and your environment (planet).  Our purpose and the reason we exist is to facilitate connections between like-minded people so we can make a positive contribution to our planet and its people.

People and Planet …

Not only have you saved a resource from becoming waste and harming our planet, but the exchange is also a catalyst for making a positive impact in our local communities.  You can certainly leave resources on the footpath, at the front door or any other location but you will miss the magic.

We are social beings, designed for connecting with another person.  We want to have a warm connection with another like-minded person that leaves us with those feel-good hormones called happiness.   When members meet they get so much more than a resource, they walk away with a meaningful connection that brightens their day.  It is so true that the gift is in the giving.  Giving of a resource, giving of your time and giving of a meaningful connection.