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We have over 1700 members in our community and we are growing every day.


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Community Garden planting plants
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You are a lover of fresh local produce.  You are interested in where your food comes from and how it is grown.  When you join Spare Harvest, you connect with gardeners and farmers in your community to access fresh, tasty, nutritionally rich food.   Spare Harvest introduces you to the grower of your food.  You could even save some money.

Membership is not limited to where you live.  Connect with another community when you move or when you travel.  Membership goes where you go.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Meet other like-minded people in your community to share, trade or sell what you have spare in your garden.  Connect with your community to let us know what you need or have spare to share.

Make a few dollars by selling your produce and garden items or renting out those tools that don’t get used all the time. Or simply save some money by finding produce and garden resources in your community.

We want to help you reduce your waste, connect directly with the consumer and support a local farmer.  Tell your story – who are you, where you are and what you produce or sell, so we support you.

You may not have anything to sell or share, but you can tell us where your product is sold and in what brands so we can look out for them.  We want to support you by buying products that have your product in them.

We want to help your business reduce it’s  waste footprint by connecting you with our community to share what you can.  Create a listing to let our community know what you no longer need so they can connect with you.

We are growing a community of members interested in food, gardening, sustainability and community.  We have opportunities for the right businesses to advertise their products and services to our community.  If you are interested in promoting your business, please connect with us at hello@spareharvest.com with an expression of interest and we can start a conversation.

Your membership is free.

Your membership is free.

Your membership is free.

Membership is free.