Our Impact

We exist so we can reduce our waste footprint, increase community connections and create a more sustainable local food and garden eco-system.

Remember a time when we knew our neighbors, we all had gardens, and we shared what we harvested from these gardens.  Nothing was wasted, and everyone knew and supported each other.  It’s time we got back to this.

Our vision is to have people in communities worldwide connecting and sharing.  We don’t have to do it all alone.  Every Spare Harvest connection makes a difference – to the member, the community and the planet.  It’s time we stop wasting our valuable finite resources and connect back to our community.

Reducing Waste

food and garden waste

We all know the horrifying statistics around food waste, what they don’t take into account is the amount of garden and farm waste. Not only is food wasted in gardens and farms due to seasonal gluts and produce not meeting cosmetic standards, there are numerous other resources wasted.

Tools that don’t get used all the time, plants, cuttings, pots, left over landscaping materials and organic matter. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and it does not make sense to waste these resources when there could be someone in your community who will use them.

It’s time we tried to keep our local resources circulating in our community for as long as possible. Let’s throw away less and share more. Share food, share resources, share time, share land and share knowledge.

Community Connections


In two generations we have lost our connection to our community and our food. Even though we live in a world that is more connected than ever before, we feel less connected and for an increasing number of people they feel disconnected.

One of the components that contribute to mental health and wellbeing is our social connections. Spare Harvest create new social connections around a common interest – food and garden.

Spare Harvest may have facilitated these connections, but we have found members continue to grow these connections into valuable friendships.

We exist to create local food and garden connections. It is through these connections that we will ....

Get to know your neighbors

Reduce waste and landfill

Find fresh local produce

Enjoy the gift of giving

Support farmers

Save some money

Reduce food miles

Support local businesses

Know your food’s story

Earn some extra money

Positively impact the planet

Make some new friends