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I didn’t come into the world knowing that I would be the founder of a impact tech business or an influencer.  I came into the world with two parents committed to providing a healthy home and to make a difference in their community.One of my earliest memories is heading home from school and going straight to the garden to see if the strawberries and peas were ready to eat.  Sometimes they didn’t make it to the kitchen for dinner much to my mother’s frustration.  I enjoyed a simple life, eating what we grew and composting what we wasted into the ground.

We grew up with homemade clothes and lot’s of hand-me-downs from family.  We cooked all our dinners and ate as a family everyday for breakfast and dinner.  It was a life that one day I would want for my children.

Fast forward, I now have a family that eats home cooked meals together with some of the food we grow in our garden.  Growing our own food was important so when I buried hundreds of homegrown mandarins into the ground, I knew I had to find a solution so that it never happened again. Spare Harvest was born, along with a the most personal journey full of ups and downs and lots of learnings.


I am passionate about what we are doing at Spare Harvest and this passion has afforded me several speaking opportunities.  

 The Planting 2019 – Keynote on the Sharing and Circular Economies 

Plantings sharing and circular economy

 Woodford 2018 – Greenhouse Panel on Social Enterprise and Food

Woodford Greenhouse

ABC Radio – Fortnightly Regular Contributor for Qld Drive Program

ABC Drive Radio

University of Queensland – Humanitarian Event, Panel on SDG’s

UQ Humanitarian Event

The Circular Economy Meetup 2019 – Reducing Food Waste

UQ Humanitarian Event

Food Waste CRC SME Launch – Tackling Household Food Waste

Launch of CRC SME Program


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The vision I have for Spare Harvest is a grand one.  A global community of people connecting and sharing, making a positive impact in our environment and society so we can heal our planet.

We are at a crossroads; our environment is crumbling under our excessive consumption and unnecessary waste; while we are feeling disconnected and lonely.  We need to change the way we are living in order to move towards what our planet and its people need us to – connection, sustainability, happiness and peace.

We are building a movement, a community, a tribe that works together.  That collectively makes an impact greater than our own individual actions.  Our planet needs us to get back to living a more connected and simplier life.  To value what is important; our environment, our community, our natrual resources and our human connection.

We want you to be part of our grand vision, to be part of our movement, to be part of the better future for our planet.

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Happiness SDG Pyramid (ENG)


When I created Spare Harvest I was clear in that I wanted to make both a social and environmental impact, while been financially sustainable.  So a profit for purpose enterprise was born.

These new and growing types of businesses are the businesses of the future.  Profit will no longer be the single purpose of a business, its purpose will be to solve some of the world’s challenging problems and be good citizens of the world.  A business that values the triple bottom line and all stakeholders.

The United Nations recognized that we need to work together to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems so the Sustainability Development Goals was born in 2012 and adopted by all UN Member States in 2015.  They are a universal call to protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

Everyone is needed to reach these ambitious targets.  Spare Harvest is a tool that you can use to positively contribute to several of the goals. 

triple bottom line