Don’t have a garden but want to grow your own food, then this blog is for you.  Growing food in small spaces is possible.

With the increase in awareness of healthy eating, the importance of seasonal and locally grown foods and improved wellbeing, many people are looking at the various ways to grow fresh food for themselves and family.

To grow healthy crops of delicious foods, most people think you need a lot of space to grow. But this is not the case!

Fresh food, including veggies, fruit and herbs, can be grown in any space as long as it has all the things that plants need to grow…water, sunshine and food!

Although I live on a semi-rural property and have about 1 acre of space to grow, I don’t have the time to grow through all my gardens areas, so I love growing in containers and small areas around my garden.

Over the last few years I’m getting busier with family and business and I want to enjoy my gardening time, not feel like it’s a chore!

So, I’ve cut back the space in my kitchen garden and now growing in smaller areas, and I don’t feel so overwhelmed with it.

Successful growing really is about the time you have available AND the space for growing healthy gardens!

These simple methods are great for any garden location, especially if you’re renting your apartment or home and want to take your garden with you when you leave!

Perfect for kids gardening too!!


Here’s 5 easy ways for growing food in small spaces…

  • Grow little crops from your kitchen with sprouts and micro-greens – read more here on growing these itty bity leaves! LINK.
  • Gathering a group of decorative pots to grow a mix of veggies, herbs and flowers – this is great for sunny patios, verandas or roof top gardens. Group a mix of coloured ceramic or plastic pots and grow mixed crops of veggies and herbs or fruit and flowers. Intercropping, or mixing crops/plants together, helps to reduce pest problems and manage soil health. More ideas for growing herbs –

TIP – use the best premium potting/growing mix you can find. Try organic products for growing your food! Add a small amount of organic fertiliser for long term plant food and apply a 3cm layer of fine mulch.

  • Consider growing fresh fruit in any space. Dwarf varieties of citrus and stone fruit grow perfectly in large pots, as well as many of the berry plants, like strawberry and blueberry are great for growing food in small spaces.
  • Vertical gardens look stunning against a wall or any vertical space. They add colour, interest, scents and best of all delicious herbs and leafy greens!
  • Brighten up a dull space with hanging baskets. Beautiful baskets full of fresh herbs and flowers help to brighten any space that’s dull! Grow plants that naturally hang down to add colour all around the basket. Oregano, thyme and nasturtiums are perfect, as well as geraniums for extra colour. Also try basil and cherry tomatoes and a lovely mix.

Growing in any sized space is only limited by your imagination. Look for inspirations online (try or Pinterest – for inspiration) or through magazines and books. You’ll find ideas for many ways to grow thriving mini gardens and delicious food to gather and enjoy anytime!

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If you’d like extra growing ideas, download my free guide ‘Get Your Garden Growing’ HERE.

The Soil to Supper Membership Community is a fabulous online space for anyone wanting to gain more understanding and knowledge of growing food, along with a monthly garden guide, masterclass, support and loads of resources. Find out more here –

Enjoy the wonderful journey of growing food in small spaces that nourish yourself and others.