Get to know our Community


When Helen created Spare Harvest she had a simple mission to connect with strangers so she could share her spare mandarins.  From simple beginnings, Spare Harvest has grown a community of like-minded people who are connecting and exchanging resources.

What has changed is the way our community is using the marketplace.  Our members are as diverse in age as they are in culture and interests and this reflects they way they have engaged with the marketplace.

We would love for you to be part of our growing community.  It’s free to join and you will be making a difference.


Our members are connecting for many reasons; to share their abundance, to make new friends, to feel less lonely and to make a difference in their community.  Here are some of our members and their stories.


Bruce is known as one of the fathers of permaculture and shares as much as he can from his urban garden.  

As an avid gardener and environmentalist Bruce knows how important it is to connect with others and work together to strengthen our communities. 

Bruce shares plants, cuttings, seeds, homegrown produce and a lot of his time sharing his knowledge and encouraging other people to become more self-sufficient.

Food Swap


Melinda lives on the Sunshine Coast and had a abundance of mangoes which she made into mango chutney.

Laura lives in Mildura and had an bumpier crop of stone fruit which she turned into jams.

Melinda went on a holiday to Mildura and connected with Laura.  They not only exchanged their homemade goodies, they also enjoyed a conversation and Melinda had homemade jam each morning of her holiday.


Jimmy was staying with a friend who was out of work at the time.  To help him and Jimmy visited Helen’s garden to harvest cuttings from many of her food bearing plants.

Jimmy return and used those seedlings and cutting to start a garden for his friend who is now enjoying eating the food Jimmy helped him to grow.

Growing food
Merryl and Jenny 2


Merryl believes in community.  She grew up in a time when you relied on your neighbours for support and shared everything.  This sharing spirit continues today when Merryl loving makes pickles to donate to a local charity.

Merryl finds her pickle ingredients from her community – cucumbers, sugar and glass jars.

Learn more about Merryl’s amazing story.

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