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Signup for FREE and become a member of the Spare Harvest community.  Search our member’s listings on our marketplace.  See what member’s have spare in their kitchens and gardens.  Members are exchanging food, homegrown produce, plants, seeds, landscaping materials, pots, mulch, honey, herbs, time and land.  Share, swap or sell the choice is yours.  Just don’t waste it.

Some members are using our community to find what they need by creating a ‘wanted’ listing.  Don’t let those idle items in your kitchen and garden go to waste, when someone else will use them.

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Sharing Food

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We can’t grow our sharing movement if people don’t know we exist.  Help us get the word out and share us across your social media accounts.  Participate in our social media channels by liking us and commenting so we can extend our reach.  Copy your marketplace listing URL and post it in your Facebook groups.  The more people who know about us, the bigger our community and the greater our impact.

Crowdfunding Spare Harvest

Crowdfund Us

Spare Harvest has been our founder’s vision from the day she buried 100’s mandarins.  To make she vision a reality, Helen has and continue to personally fund the development and maintenance of all aspects of Spare Harvest.  After encouragement from our community, we looked into the Patreon website.  Patreon makes it easy for people to make ongoing donations to causes and people they want to support.  After investigating, we decided we would not use Patreon due to its fees, so we develop our own way for people to support us financially.

We would like to invite you to make a contribution to help keep Spare Harvest growing so we can increase our impact and invest back in our community.  Your contribution would be used to pay for the following costs; domain and hosting, development and maintenance.  And 10% of your contribution would be used to seed invest in member initiatives.  We have many members wanting to create their own enterprises and make their own contribution to making their community a better place.

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Volunteer Time

If you are unable to support us with a donation, maybe you could share your time.  We need people with various skills to help us grow.  We are looking for volunteers to help in the following ways:

Community Connectors – we are looking for people who would like to see a thriving Spare Harvest in their local community.  We would support you as you visit community gardens, garden clubs and other groups to introduce and share Spare Harvest.  Engage with your community while promoting Spare Harvest.

Guest Bloggers – we would welcome anyone interested in writing a guest blog that we could publish to our community.  The topics we are interested in are; living sustainably, living zero waste, using medicinal herbs, community connecting, social capital, the environment and anything you would like to propose.

Marketing – if you have skills in marketing, web design, graphic design, SEO or data analytics we would love to work with you.  You are currently a team of two volunteers, and we don’t have all the skills we need to do it all.  We would love you to join our team and would be grateful for any support that you can provide

Connect with us if you would like to discuss any opportunities.

Partner with Spare Harvest

Partner With Us

We make it easy for workplaces, apartment buildings, housing estates and other smaller communities to reduce waste and consumption.

When you partner with Spare Harvest you give your community an opportunity to not only reduce waste but build greater engagement across all stakeholders.  Do you want to make a difference by helping people connect and reduce their food waste? Would your workplace be interested in introducing food sharing amongst employees? Do you live in an apartment building or housing estate and see the value in developing stronger connections through sharing food?

Spare Harvest is a tool that you can use in any environments to bring your community together and reduce unnecessary waste.  Reach out and connect with us, so we can start a conversation about how we can work together to enhance the employee experience and grow a more engaged community.  Not only will your stakeholders benefit from these connections, you will also make a positive impact on the environment.