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Signup for free and start connecting and sharing.  Search our marketplace to see what our members have spare in their gardens, kitchens and sheds.  If you don’t have anything spare, but are looking for something, then create a “wanted” listing.  It’s our aim to help you use existing resources more efficiently.

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Let’s get social, share us across your social channels.  Like, follow, comment and tag us so more people can join and grow our community.

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Support us by making a financial contribution.  10% of your contribution will be used to seed invest in member initiatives.

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If you have skills and time, consider volunteering.  We are looking for volunteers to help grow Spare Harvest in your community to write stories and blogs and assist in various marketing activities.  Connect with us so we can start a conversation on how we can work together.

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We make it easy for workplaces, apartment buildings, housing estates and other smaller communities to reduce waste and consumption.

When you partner with Spare Harvest you give your community an opportunity to not only reduce waste but build greater engagement across all stakeholders.  Do you want to make a difference by helping people connect and reduce their food waste? Would your workplace be interested in introducing food sharing amongst employees? Do you live in an apartment building or housing estate and see the value in developing stronger connections through sharing food?

Spare Harvest is a tool that you can use in any environments to bring your community together and reduce unnecessary waste.  Reach out and connect with us, so we can start a conversation about how we can work together to enhance the employee experience and grow a more engaged community.  Not only will your stakeholders benefit from these connections, you will also make a positive impact on the environment.