Your Food and Garden Waste Hurts

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Your food and garden waste hurts the planet and it is a massive problem.  We have seen documentaries and read articles on how our waste is impacting the planet.  But no all waste is equal.  In this article we will focus on organic waste as it accounts for 46% of all waste accordingly to a recent [...]

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Our Food Future

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Our food future looks grim if we continue to produce food that is unhealthy and unsustainable. We are producing fewer varieties that are no longer nutritionally dense in a way that undermines our environment, health and climate.  Irakli Loladze research found that "Across nearly 130 varieties of plants and more than 15,000 samples collected from experiments [...]

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Waste Not, Want Not

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Food waste, it’s one of our greatest modern tragedies.  According to the FAO, one-third of edible food produced is wasted. This equates to approximately 1.3 billion tonnes. If food waste were a country, it would be the third-highest emissions after China and the US. Not only is wasting food a disgrace, but the wasted food also [...]

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Stop wasting food today!

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Today,  I'll talk about an alarming fact: food waste. Unfortunately, most people do not know much, if anything about food waste. I'd like to take the opportunity to inform you that it is one of the most prevalent issues in the world. In fact, if there were no waste, there may be enough food for everyone on this planet.   According to the [...]

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