If there was one thing you would grow in your garden, it would be a herb. There is nothing nicer than cooking with fresh homegrown herbs. But not all herbs are equal. Some are difficult to grow, some only last a short season but some can produce all year long. If you want five herbs that you could use 24/7 then choose rosemary, bay leaf, kaffir lime leaf, sage and oregano.


rosemary plant

Rosemary is a evergreen woody shrub and a staple of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine. It tolerates full sun, dry soil and beachside salty air. It is not only abundant and resilient once established. Rosemary also grows well in containers as it enjoys good drainage. The hardy older stems make great skewers for vegetable kababs. Rosemary is one of the easist herbs to grow.

Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf plants are slow growing trees with leaves that are used as seasoning in stews and casseroles as it has a very aromatic flavour. Bay leaf is also a native to the Mediterranean region and will not tolerate soil that does not drain well. Bay Leaf is a tree at heart but it can be kept in a container by pruning it regularly.


This herb is a wonderful companion plant for almost all vegetables, particularly cabbage family crops. To get the richest flavour harvest just as the flower buds start to form. It is one the most versatile herbs any kitchen could have and an essential ingredient for Italian dishes.

Kaffir Lime

The Kaffir lime tree, also known as a market lime, is commonly grown for use in Asian cuisine. The tree is mainly grown for it’s leaves as the fruit produces very little juice, but the sour-tasting rind can be finely grated and used for flavour dishes. The tree can be grown in containers with adequate drainage. The leaves are very aromatic and when crushed emit a strong citrus aroma. The leaves are mostly used to flavour Asian dishes such as soups, curries and fish.


Sage Plant
Sage brings great flavour to any meat dish especially chicken. The leaves and branches are often used in festive activities such as a wreath and potpourii. The leaves are also used to smudge an area to purify and cleanse the air while killing bacteria. Leaves can be successfully dried and stored for when you need seasoning.

Using Your Abundance

Pruning is an important part in the care for each of these plants. Pruning encourages branching and helps in maintaining a manageable shape. It is recommended that when you need a leaf, you prune the branch to send a message to the tree to replace the branch.
With every single leaf available for use, each of these plants have more than we need can preserve them for later. We can dry them by tying several branches together and hanging them in a cool, dark, dry location. To keep more their flavour, you can freeze them. Place the individual leaves of the kaffir and bay tree and small stalks of the rosemary in freezer bags. Flatten them to remove the air and place into the freezer.
There will be a point when you have so much spare, that you will need to compost or waste the branches your prune. The Spare Harvest marketplace is another way to ensure your abundance is not wasted. Share your abundance with your community, not only will they be grateful but your trees will enjoy the regular prune.