About Spare Harvest

Spare Harvest is committed to ensuring all garden resources are used and not wasted. As a member of Spare Harvest you can share, swap or sell what you have spare in your garden. Excess produce and unwanted garden items should be diverted from landfill and shared with your community. As they say - your trash is another person's treasure.

How To Start Gardening

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Your Food and Garden Waste Hurts

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Your food and garden waste hurts the planet and it is a massive problem.  We have seen documentaries and read articles on how our waste is impacting the planet.  But no all waste is equal.  In this article we will focus on organic waste as it accounts for 46% of all waste accordingly to a recent [...]

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5 Herbs for Sharing

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There are many herbs for sharing.  Today we will focus on the top five. Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow and the most used plant in the kitchen.  But they are also the best plant to share.  Why, because they produce an abundance and when they are regularly harvested, they give more. If [...]

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General Waste Bin Collection

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Brand Story Telling

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Swagman Sprayers

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The Swagman Sprayer makes spraying easy.  I live on 2/4 acre and have several large fruit trees.  I am a spray-free gardener except when I am spraying home-made remedies and liquid fertilisers on my plants.  With such a large area, I have found it frustrating and time consuming using the conventional sprayers purchased at the local [...]

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Connecting & Sharing

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Spare Harvest Stops Food Waste

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Retirement & Your Mental Health

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More Environmentally Friendly Home

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