It’s time we all rethought how we consume. We have more than enough to share between us before we start to introduce new purchases.  We want you to rethink consumption and refuse to buy new.  We are inviting you to connect with your community and exchange what you have spare in your kitchen, garden, workplace or farm.  Together we can use what already exists in our communities more efficiently, reduce over production and the amount of waste we produce.

Resilient Communities

Although we are an online service, we facilitate face to face connections.  We are wired to be social, face to face social, not online social.  When we meet another person with similar interests, we meet a kindred spirit; we share a warm conversation and exchange knowledge.  These meaningful connections lead to friendships, mutual trust and that build resilient communities.  Resilient communities know their neighbours, self-organise and support each other during good and bad times.

Spare Harvest is a valuable tool that anyone can use to build resilience into their community.  We facilitate real connections that share real food and that’s makes for healthy thriving individuals and community.

It’s time we tried to keep our local resources circulating in our community for as long as possible.  Let’s throw away less and share more.  Share food, share resources, share time, share land and share knowledge.

Reduced Waste

When we exchange resources, we keep them circulating in our community so they don’t become waste.  What is trash for one person is treasure for another and we simply connect the two?  When you exchange what you have spare, you reduce the need for new items to be introduced into our community.  You reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills and ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

There is more than enough; we simply need to find a better way of re-distributing it so we don’t waste it.  Be part of the solution, reduce your waste footprint and share what you can.

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