Join a like-minded
community & share
food & garden resources

Your garden is a bounty of
resources that you no longer
need. Don't waste them, share.

Meet like-minded
people, have a conversation
and make a new friend

Give wonky and
imperfect produce
a new life.

Divert organic matter
away from landfill by
sharing it with your community

Connect with farmers
to reduce produce waste
and know your foods story.

homegrown food

Find homegrown produce
in your community.  It could
be right next door & free

LET’S  …

connect and share more so we waste less.  What do you have in your kitchen and garden that you could share with your community?

Get Connected – When you use the Spare Harvest platform to share something you have spare, you connect with another like-minded person.  You start a conversation, share knowledge and build a stronger local community.

Exchange Resources – We help you share what you have spare and find what you need.  When we collaboratively consume resources within our own local community we waste less, save money, buy less, feel more connected and protect the environment.

Build Community – You may be the first in your community sharing something, but you won’t be the last.  We are here to help you build your own thriving resource sharing community and grow ‘friendship gardens’.

There is no such thing as a waste problem, just resources in the wrong place.

We connect you to a new local source of food and garden resources that could be sitting idle in someone else’s kitchen or garden.

Join Us? Help us grow so we can increase our impact in local communities and the environment.


home grown vegetables
Fruit and Vegetables
Glass Jars
plant seedlings
Fresh Eggs
Green Waste
Food Scraps for Composting
Coffee Grounds for composting
bricks and landscaping materials
worms and worm pee
Garden Tools
Help Water a Garden
plant pots
paper for composting
Chicken Cages
Gardening books
wonky and imperfect produce



Connect with gardeners and farmers in your community to access fresh, tasty, nutritionally rich food. Meet the grower, get to know your food’s story and save a little money. Share your unwanted resources like food scraps, glass bottles or coffee grounds. These are valuable items to gardeners and farmers. So let’s not waste them.


Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Meet other like-minded people in your community to share, swap or sell what you have spare in your garden. Make a few dollars by selling your produce and garden items or renting out those tools that don’t get used all the time. Don’t have anything to share, you might just find something you are looking for.


Connect directly with your community.  Sell excess produce directly to the consumer, share tools and machinery with another farmer.  Got spare manure, then tell us about it, so we can use it.  No middle man.  Help us get to know you better.  Tell your story – who are you, where you are and what you produce or sell, so we support you.



This kind of platform is brilliant for connecting people. Once it reaches a critical mass it will change communities.


I like that members visit each other’s garden to learn and to meet like-minded people.


Love the idea of sharing surplus and building community.


I love the concept and believe that is essential for our future survival.


It brings community together. It is an open-hearted expression of life to share.


Love the idea. Great way to network. Meet like minded people.  Selling / sharing produce locally benefits our health and soul.